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Raritan Success Stories

At Raritan, we focus on the people who use our products as intently as we focus on the products, themselves. Aside from the successful implementations of Raritan products described in this section, our commitment to quality and to people continues to translate into success for all of our customers, including IBM, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, the United States Post Office, and NASA's Ames Research Center.

Aon Services Group The World's Largest Reinsurance Intermediary: Aon Services Group
When Aon used Raritan's UMT KVM solution with the TeleReach option to get high performance remote and local access to 125 servers and other devices, it avoided the costs of hiring trained personnel, streamlined existing operations and added the capability of emergency access to KVM switches.

Exelon Nuclear Providing Energy to America: Exelon Nuclear
When the largest U.S. operator of nuclear power plants used Raritan's UMT Remote KVM solution for multiplatform support and a remote access option to control and access servers, it saved manpower and overhead costs while maximizing uptime though remote access to servers.

The Hill School The Most Wired Campus in America: Hill School
With an IT staff stretched to the limit, the most wired school in America needed a KVM solution that was powerful enough to provide access to their growing number of servers, yet easy to set up and administer. When the Hill School's IT staff chose the Raritan UMT KVM switch, it saved thousands of dollars that would have been spent on monitors and additional staff.

Hokuriku An Information Technology Laboratory: Hokuriku
When open IT lab, Hokuriku wanted to centralize the management of 512 servers, it implemented 20 UMT UMT8 units in order to centralize device management and create a flexible, scalable architecture for its environment.

NYFIX A Financial Technology Company: NYFIX
When financial technology company, NYFIX, needed BIOS-level remote access to hundreds of servers and other devices, it implemented Raritan's UMT / IP-Reach TR Series remote KVM solution. As a result, NYFIX avoided the costs of hiring extra IT personnel at remote data centers, streamlined existing operations and added the capability of emergency access to its servers

Royal Caribbean One of the World's Largest Cruise Lines: Royal Caribbean
When one of the world's largest cruise lines used Raritan's UMT KVM solution to create a flexible and scalable solution to manage two onboard computer rooms, Royal Caribbean reduced staff costs, centralized server control and saved precious space on each ship.

SupplyCore Integrated Supply and Procurement: SupplyCore
When a major integrated supply and procurement company sought 100 percent reliability and remote access, it chose the 5-User UMT Solution, gaining a dramatic improvement in uptime, adding remote access, and creating a scalable solution for future expansion.

University of Memphis One of the Largest Schools in the Southeast: University of Memphis
When one of the largest universities in the southeast needed a scalable KVM solution offering multi-user access and remote access capability, it chose Raritan's UMT KVM switch plus remote access via TeleReach. The solution allowed the University of Memphis to cut costs and improve the effectiveness of IT operations, by giving its multiple systems administrators simultaneous and remote access to KVM switches, and reducing time spent in the server room.