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KVM for the Enterprise

The typical enterprise IT environment is characterized by countless racks of servers located in multiple data centers and remote offices around the world. Deploying independent, standalone KVM switches at every rack can be extremely inconvenient and inefficient.

A comprehensive KVM solution that includes digital KVM switches and centralized management software can help you manage NOCs, local and remote data centers, and satellite IT operations that link and run your enterprise.

Digital KVM solutions provide highly secure access, control, and management of an entire enterprise infrastructure via a single Web-based interface. They provide the convenience of remote management software with the power of rack-based KVM switches. Multiple users can have secure access and control of multiple servers and platforms via a variety of connectivity options. With plug-and-play architecture, IT personnel can leverage existing network infrastructure and get consolidated access to almost every enterprise IT device, anytime, from anywhere, via a web browser.

Combining KVM switches with centralized management software provides control and management of multiple data centers. Using a single IP address from a single screen, data center staff can have total enterprise control of multiple data centers whether local, regional, or global.
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