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ConsoleSwitch SCS232 enables two users to simultaneous access up to 32 serial console ports and manage devices including UNIX servers, routers, switches, hubs and other network infrastructure devices.

Contained in a convenient, rack mountable 1U form factor, Console Switch SCS232 is unlike other serial management devices in that it does not emit inadvertent "break" signals that can cause unintentional rebooting.

Serial console connectivity is the only out-of-band management solution for most existing datacenter equipment, such as network infrastructure devices. With ConsoleSwitch SCS232, the administrator may access devices on the LAB, even when it is down and all serial ports are accessible remotely via dial-up modem.

ConsoleSwitch SCS232 is Paragon Ready. When ConsoleSwitch SCS232 is connected in a Paragon-centric environment, the network administrator can control both serial and GUI-interface devices through a single integrated system, independent of the network.

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