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Remote Office/Branch Office

The management of IT infrastructure at satellite and branch locations is no longer inconvenient and expensive thanks to Raritan. We recognized the need for flexible, secure, and centralized control of remotely located IT equipment and developed the Dominion KSX. Unlike remote control software, Raritan's hardware-based solution for remote offices provides network-independent access for emergency administration via a single consolidated interface.

Dominion KSX is specifically designed to make the management of IT infrastructure at branch and satellite locations easier, faster, and more cost-effective. This means from anywhere you can access the web, you can directly access, troubleshoot, and even reboot a wide range of remotely located equipment.

Dominion KSX
Dominion KSX
Dominion KSX delivers secure (128-bit SSL) remote KVM access, serial device management and power control of up to 16 servers and other network devices. It is the ideal solution for remote office management.

KVM for the Small or Mid-sized Business
Do you have fewer than 50 servers and/or other IT devices in a single location that require secure access and control? Explore powerful KVM solutions that will help you run your business.
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The Hill School The Hill School
With an IT staff stretched to the limit, the most wired school in America needed a KVM solution that was powerful enough to provide access to their growing number of servers, yet easy to set up and administer. When the Hill School's IT staff chose the Raritan UMT KVM switch, it saved thousands of dollars that would have been spent on monitors and additional staff.
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