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Z-Series: Z4200U
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For an innovative KVM solution that makes the most of limited server room space, Z-Series are the products for you.

Chain-like Arrangement
Compact Computer Interface Modules (Z-CIMs) plug into the back of servers and are connected with Category 5 cables in a chain-like arrangement. An additional Category 5 cable leads to a User Station, giving you a zero-U solution!

It's Expandable
A single user console (keyboard, monitor and mouse) can access and control up to 42 servers that can be located up to 1,000 feet apart. The Z-Series are scalable to more than 1,000 servers and its unique design eliminates the traditional KVM switch box and all of the hard-to-manage server-to-switch cable.

The Z-Series works easily with Raritan's UMT products for large scale data centers and is the ideal solution for:

  • Densely packed 1U and 2U rack mount servers
  • Corporate Data Centers, ISPs, co-location and Web hosting facilities
  • Computer test labs, call centers, help desks, training rooms

Access from Anywhere
You can access and control your servers anytime and from anywhere by connecting the Z-Series with Raritan's IP-Reach. For the greatest value, Raritan offers special IP-Reach/MasterConsole packages.
IP-Reach / Z-Series Package
IP-Reach / Z-Series Package

IP-Reach / Z-Series Package - Everything you need to control 8 servers in a Zero-U space, expandable to 42 servers.

Z-Series: Z4200U
Z-Series: Z4200U

Starter Kit includes (1) USTS, (3) UKVMSPD, (1) TERR-RJ45, (1) power supply, and (3) 6'' Category 5e UTP cables

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