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Paragon® II

Paragon® II is Raritan's battle-tested Cat5 enterprise–class, analog KVM solution for centralized server management. Paragon II offers the broadest line of KVM switches, with 4 models that provide non-blocked access for 2 to 64 simultaneous users controlling more than 10,000 servers.

Multi-dimensional Expansion
With Paragon® II, you can stack units to gain up to 128 computer ports controlling up to 10,000 servers by tiering stacked units and adding memory cards. Building upon the proven analog KVM switching technologies of Raritan's original Paragon, it has superior KVM switch technology that dramatically reduces equipment costs and optimizes space utilization.

Innovative Modular Architecture
The main switching unit is a secure, intelligent, non-blocked control unit that connects users to servers. Its stackable architecture provides the industry's highest port density.

Paragon® II also supports growth and expansion with stacking units. The stacking units provide cost-effective, space-saving data center managment by providing the ability to switch with 90% less cable than cascading. Stacking units are compatible with Paragon II models UMT832M and UMT1664M.

Stacking Unit Benefits
The stacking units reduce the burden of multiple cables between tiers, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by more than 30% and save one-third of rack space and HVAC resources.

Remote Access
The optional UST-IP user station provides KVM-over-IP capability for anytime, anywhere access and control of Paragon II-connected servers. Incorporating a slim design and familiar Raritan Remote Client GUI (which automatically downloads through your browser), it combines the User Station role of the UST1 and IP gateway functionality into one device. It also gives remote users on/off/recycle capabilities for power-strip-connected devices. The UST-IP also supports 128-bit SSL encryption and authenticates users against the Paragon II database.

Centralized Control
The Paragon® II System Controller (P2-SC) enables access and control of multiple Paragon II systems from a centralized CommandCenter® management appliance. CommandCenter integrates Paragon II's non-blocked access and analog KVM switching with the efficiency and flexibility of Raritan's Dominion® Series of digital KVM over IP switches, serial console servers and remote office / branch office remote management appliances, for total centralized management of your datacenter.

PII System Controller
PII System Controller

Enables PII integration with Raritan's CommandCenter


16 Users, Up to 64 ports **


64 expansion ports for stacking with UMT1664M unit


2 Users, Up to 42 ports


4 Users, Up to 42 ports


8 Users, Up to 32 ports *


32 expansion ports for stacking with UMT832M unit

* Stack an additional 32 ports per UMT832S up to a max. of 128 ports using 3 stacked UMT832S units.
** Stack an additional 64 ports with UMT1664S
Raritan Computer Launches First Stackable Management Appliance for Simplified and Secure Anywhere Access and Control of Data Center Equipment
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Success Story
The University Of Memphis The University of Memphis
With an IT staff stretched to the limit, the most wired school in America needed a KVM solution that was powerful enough to provide access to their growing number of servers, yet easy to set up and administer. When the Hill School's IT staff chose the Raritan UMT KVM switch, it saved thousands of dollars that would have been spent on monitors and additional staff.
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