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Centralized Device Management

For enterprises with multiple data centers that need local or remote access to servers and other IT devices through KVM switches and serial consoles, you need a centralized way to manage it all – and Raritan has just what you need.

Raritan's CommandCenter® Secure Gateway appliance is the ideal solution for IT managers or service providers who need to easily access and control a large number of heterogeneous IT devices in local or remote offices. CommandCenter Secure Gateway provides a complete, centralized solution for access and management of all target devices from anywhere via a simple, yet highly secure browser interface.

CommandCenter Secure Gateway
Provides secure, centralized command and control of your entire IT infrastructure by consolidating the management of Raritan's Dominion Series and Paragon KVM switches. In other words, one centralized interface from which you can administer IT devices, security policies, certificate management and system-wide firmware upgrades. Use CommandCenter Secure Gateway to take control of one large data center, several data centers or an entire enterprise with hundreds or even thousands of devices.

KVM for the the Enterprise
Does your organization need to securely access, manage, and control up to 10,000 servers and other IT devices across the globe? Learn how to control your entire data center from anywhere, at any time.
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Aon Services Group Aon Services Group
When Aon used Raritan's UMT KVM solution with the TeleReach option to get high performance remote and local access to 125 servers and other devices, it avoided the costs of hiring trained personnel, streamlined existing operations and added the capability of emergency access to KVM switches.
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Dominion™ Series
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