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Centralized Device Management
CommandCenter Secure Gateway

Dominion™ Series

The Dominion Series is Raritan's family of digital KVM console access and connectivity solutions. With Dominion, you get the ability to access, control and manage your whole enterprise infrastructure as one logical network—with a single, web-based interface.

Consolidated Access
With the Dominion Series, you gain consolidated access to every type of IT device, anytime you need it, from any web browser, you can employ KVM over IP access to Windows, Linux and Solaris servers...serial (RS232) console access to headless servers and networking equipment...remote power control and even remote console access to branch office equipment any time and from anywhere.

Easy to Set Up
The Dominion Series gets you up and running quickly-with a convenient web-accessible management interface and standard Cat5 cabling-initial deployment and future expansion is quick and easy.

The Dominion Series architecture leverages your existing network infrastructure so scaling the system requires only a single standard Ethernet port.

Dominion KX
Dominion KX

Secure KVM Console Management

Dominion SX

Secure Serial Console Management

Dominion KSX

Remote Office/Branch Office Infrastructure Management


Centralized Enterprise Control and Management

KVM for the the Enterprise
Does your organization need to securely access, manage, and control up to 10,000 servers and other IT devices across the globe? Learn how to control your entire data center from anywhere, at any time.
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