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Press Releases

Raritan Expands Remote Access and Control Solution Portfolio with First-of-its-Kind Centralized Management Appliance and New Digital KVM Switch

-- Responsive, Seamless, Enterprise Management from Anywhere of Multi-Platform, Multi-Site IT Equipment --

SOMERSET, NJ (March 8, 2004) -- Delivering on its roadmap to provide the most comprehensive and intuitive solutions to remotely view, access and manage information technology (IT) equipment in companies data centers, branch offices and other locations, Raritan Computer Inc. today introduced two new complementary enterprise-class products -- CommandCenter 2.0, a global centralized management appliance, and the Dominion KX, a highly scalable digital KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch.

The products enable global companies to remotely and securely manage thousands of multi-platform servers and IT devices in their enterprise through an easy-to-use Web interface.

The KX -- which joins Raritan's Dominion family of next-generation, IP-based, digital management appliances -- delivers full control of servers and other devices from anywhere and can easily scale to meet the needs of expanding data centers and server farms. The CommandCenter 2.0 appliance provides an aggregated, single view of all KVM and serially controlled IT equipment connected to the Dominion Series as well as Raritans Paragon II and IP-ReachTM products. It can integrate hundreds of switches to act as a single logical network, enabling IT organizations to view and manage their companys IT assets from a single appliance.

With CommandCenter, IT staffs for the first time have customized views of IT infrastructure equipment. For example, they can view all equipment in a specific data center or branch office, or all equipment supporting specific business applications, such as supply-chain or customer relationship management (CRM). This is extremely valuable when needing to quickly locate and repair equipment problems that affect mission-critical operations. A system administrator using CommandCenters intuitive and powerful GUI-based management interface can troubleshoot a server as if they were at the rack, and, even, recycle the power to reboot a problem server.

Raritan's offerings pick up where enterprise-management frameworks for trouble-reporting leave off. "If there's a problem, Raritan's products enable IT departments to cost effectively and quickly locate and fix the equipment from any location in the world", said Lloyd Cohen, director of Worldwide Market Analysis at IDC, a computer market research and consulting firm based in Framingham, MA. With the addition of the Dominion KX and CommandCenter, companies have new extended management capabilities. Complete views and access to the IT infrastructure that supports specific business applications is a major development and will become increasing important as utility computing grows.

The two new products -- along with Paragon II, Raritan's recently introduced, next-generation, stackable analog KVM appliance -- provide IT managers with the broadest selection of solutions for managing multi-platform servers and devices. Companies can easily deploy any combination of Raritan's compatible, plug-and-play digital and analog solutions in order to meet their specific infrastructure and scalability needs.

"Raritan clearly leads the field in terms of IT equipment management technology", said Sev Onyshkevych, vice president of marketing and product management at Raritan Computer. "Raritan provides data center managers and system administrators with the broadest, most flexible and secure in-band and out-of-band options for managing their data center and remote office equipment. Our strategy is to continue delivering solutions that have the features and security needed to manage the increasing complexity of enterprise IT."

The Dominion Series Digital Appliances
The Dominion KX joins two other Dominion digital remote management appliances -- the Dominion SX (which supports serial equipment, including Solaris, Linux, and UNIX servers; routers; hubs; switches; modems; and PBXs) and the Dominion KSX -- an all-in-one appliance for economically managing multi-platform equipment typically found in smaller remote offices and branches.

As appliances, the Dominion Series -- as well as CommandCenter -- are completely self-contained systems with all features, including authentication and Web-access, built into the box. After connecting servers to the appliance using standard UTP cabling, users simply set an IP address and begin managing.

Unlike other digital switches that rely upon external servers running Windows-based operating systems for access and authentication, all three Dominion Series appliances include built-in access, security, and management software that is protected from external threats.

The Dominion KX and the KSX integrate Raritan's award-winning KVM over IP technology that captures a servers keyboard, monitor and mouse signals. It converts the signals to digital packets, and compresses and encrypts them for secure, low-bandwidth transmission over TCP/IP.

A KX can connect up 32 servers, which is the industrys highest port density for a digital KVM switch. Its advanced features include: 128-bit encryption of not only keyboard and mouse signals, but also video; dual-Ethernet connections for network redundancy; and a dedicated modem port so that servers can be accessed even in the event of a network failure. Dominion KX can also integrate easily with existing authentication systems, such as LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory. In the event a third-partys authentication server is unavailable, the KX will use its on-board authentication.

CommandCenter Centralized Management Appliance
CommandCenter offers users the flexibility to customize views of thousands of servers and devices as simple groups, such as by location, operating system, application or even individual users. It also enables global configuration of Dominion appliances and system-wide firmware updates.

Designed as a high-availability, enterprise-class appliance, CommandCenter features dual-network interfaces, dual-power supplies and comprehensive back-up/restore capabilities. It also can integrate with existing external authentication systems for easy deployment and speedier troubleshooting and administration.

Pricing and Availability
CommandCenter 2.0 and Dominion KX will be available worldwide through Raritans extensive reseller and distribution channels.

The Dominion KX is available in three models -- KX116, KX216 and KX232 -- that support up to two simultaneous users and up to 32 ports. The KX price starts at $3,195 in the U.S.

The basic CommandCenter includes user licenses enabling up to five simultaneous users to access and manage all connected devices. Additional user licenses can be added. CommandCenter starts at $5,995 in the U.S.

About KVM Switches
KVM solutions -- initially used to manage multiple desktop PCs with one keyboard, mouse, and monitor (similar to A/B printer switches) -- today are enabling IT workers, from anywhere, to monitor thousands of data center servers and to pinpoint and handle problems, even reboot servers, as if they were actually at the server rack. Raritan Computer introduced the industrys first KVM switch for the enterprise more than three years ago, enabling IT administrators to control racks of servers and other equipment up to distances of 1,000 feet. Distance and scalability increased to anywhere, anytime access with the addition of Raritan's IP connectivity to KVM switches. Prior to the advent of KVM switches, the only way to control multiple computers from a single console was to build costly networks.

About Raritan Computer, Inc.
Raritan Computer, Inc., founded in 1985, is the leading provider of KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) and remote management solutions for access and control of servers and other network devices. With 18 consecutive years of profitable growth and technical innovation, Raritan makes products that are used to control millions of servers at more than 35,000 network data centers, computer test labs, and multi-workstation environments around the world. From the small business to the enterprise, Raritan's complete line of compatible and scalable KVM and remote connectivity products offers IT professionals the most reliable, flexible, and secure out of band solutions to manage data center equipment, while improving operational productivity.